Monday, February 24, 2014


My sweet, little barely-two-year old has to get surgery this Friday to fix an inguinal hernia he has. :(

I noticed the hernia just a few weeks ago right after he had been really sick with a horrible stomach bug that left him throwing up all night. I was pretty sure right away that it was a hernia and took him into his pediatrician that same day (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Luke's pediatrician?). The pediatrician confirmed that it was, indeed, a hernia and referred me to the pediatric surgeons at Swedish in Seattle. 

We met with the pediatric surgeon last week and his surgery is now scheduled for THIS Friday, the 28th! I am so grateful that we were able to get a surgery date so soon. Luke has a little cold and I am praying that it goes away ASAP! We will have to postpone the surgery if Luke has a bad cough or anything like that. I really just want to get the surgery over with and get this hernia fixed as soon as we can. As long as the hernia is not causing him pain and the intestines are not "incarcerated"(trapped) in the hernia, then it is not considered an emergency situation, so we could wait a little longer for the surgery and he would still be fine. But it still seems weird to me to think that Luke's intestines are just poking out of this hole in his inguinal canal (just google inguinal canal/hernia if you want to know more). 

Send some prayers our way for a healthy boy come this Friday and a perfect surgery! Luckily it is just a pretty routine, outpatient surgery and recovery time is SO fast. But I still hate the thought of my baby having surgery!



Rachael said...

Hopefully he can get it taken care of ASAP and luckily he's little enough he won't remember it.

christina ina said...

I had a hernia operation when I was 5 years old. I was terrified of the surgery itself, but recovery was quick. It's MUCH better to take care of this now, especially while he's young and especially because he's a boy! Good luck, Luke!