Monday, February 17, 2014

Just a little 6 month hiatus

I can't believe I haven't  posted anything since AUGUST! 
BUT.... I have a pretty good reason to justify my little hiatus from this blog....

I'm pregnant again!! ♥

We are thrilled! It couldn't have been more prefect timing! We found out on October 7th when I was just barely 4 weeks along. I'm due June 16th, so Luke and the baby will be almost 2.5 years apart. 
I am now 23 weeks pregnant... almost 6 months!
I was feeling pretty sick and miserable up until the beginning of January, but I am happy to report that I am now in the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy (you know, where you aren't barfing anymore.. and you actually look pregnant instead of just fat... but you aren't a huge whale yet, either). 

September through December was great and we really enjoyed the holidays, but I am going to skip over all that and just move on to January already.. ain't nobody got time that.

I do need to mention, though, that my BABY brother got ENGAGED on December 27th! We are all so happy for him and absolutely love his fiancee! I can't wait to have another sister and am so glad that she just fits right into our family. Luke adores her and my brother. I can't wait for the wedding in August. :)

Oh yeah, and we got some snow in December too. Do you think Luke likes it?? ;)

January was a great month (despite getting the stomach flu, ugh.)! We got to celebrate Luke's 2nd birthday! 
I can not believe how old and big and mature he is getting! He can say a million words (ok not a million... but probably about 100 and counting.) He surprises us with new words and sentences every day. He is SO smart! He knows a lot of shapes and colors and is starting to understand numbers and letters. He will try to count but most of it sounds like gibberish with a few 2s, 3s, 6s and 8s in there. :)
He is 75% for his weight and is not even in a percentile for height because he is completely off the charts! I guess I didn't realize he was that tall!

For his birthday, he got to go to Bounce it Up 360 with some of his buddies. He was more into the air hockey than the bouncy houses, but it was still fun! Then our parents all came over after dinner for a special Cars cake and ice cream. 

Luke loved his cake and anytime he sees the Mater or Lightening McQueen cars he says "where'd cake go??"... over and over...and over. I swear the holidays have ruined this poor kid. All of the sudden he is asking for cake and "more candy, mama" all the time.

 I still can't believe my baby is TWO! (Also, the cake did look a little better, but SOMEONE kept sticking his little fingers in the frosting trying to get a taste, and I just didn't feel like fixing it.) :)

Then we all got the stomach flu the next week and it was awful I tell you! I shudder just thinking about it...

Luckily we were all better by my mom's birthday on the 21st, and then my birthday on the 26th.  It was on Sunday which meant we got to go to church and just take the day easy! I told Tommy all I wanted for my birthday was flowers... I got a little more than that...
If you see a hott brunette driving around town in this car.... well, you'll know what hott mama is behind the wheel. ;) (JK, I'm not that shallow, guys, c'mon!)

My family all came over later that night and my mom brought over a confetti cake for me! 
It was such a fun day, but all I could really think about was the anatomy and gender ultrasound I had scheduled for two days later on the 28th. 

Guess what we found out? We are having a sweet baby....


We are so happy... and a little surprised! It's hard to imagine having a girl, since we already have a boy. I've absolutely loved having a little boy, and I am so happy and nervous to be able to experience having a little girl now, too. My mom and I are very close and I can only hope to have the same relationship with my daughter. 
It's so weird to say that. I love it!
She seems to love it when I sing (like when I sing to Luke at night before bed). She always kicks and moves so much when I do. Either that, or she hates it and is kicking me so I'll stop. :) I choose to believe the former. 
She also seems to love her big brother already and will always kick and move a lot if he is on my lap/touching my belly. 
We've been practicing for little sister on this teddy bear and Luke has been pretty good with it so far. When this picture was taken he kept giving her the "pac" (pacifier) and giving her lots of hugs. ♥

I've been praying like crazy that they will be best friends and love each other so much! I've been trying to convince Luke how fun it's going to be having his baby sister here, but I know it will be a big (and probably hard) transition for him. I've been having him say different names we are thinking of, just to see which ones sound the cutest when he says them. I think that's how we will pick a name. Whichever one Luke sounds the cutest saying will be the winner. ;)

Apparently Luke already thinks her name is going to be Callie. He has called her that a few times when I've been talking about baby sister to him. He has suddenly become obsessed with the Sheriff Callie's Wild West show on Disney Junior. He has only watched a few episodes, so I'm not sure where that came from! But it's so cute to hear him say "Callie, Callie!" in his little 2-year-old voice. :)

This is all of the clothes I've gotten so far. I'm trying to restrain myself from just going to Target and buying everything in their baby girl department. I think I've displayed some pretty good willpower so far. :)

I have my 6 month appointment next Monday and I can't wait to hear her heartbeat again. 
My doctor told me at my last appointment/ultrasound that I have what is called a venous lake (or a placental lake), which is basically just a pool of blood in my placenta. It's not a huge concern, but it is something that needs to be monitored, so I will be getting extra ultrasounds just to make sure that the baby is growing properly and doing well. She looked great at my 20 week ultrasound when they found the venous lake though, and my doctor didn't seem too concerned. They just want to take precautions and make sure baby girl is perfectly healthy. 
I will have my next ultrasound at my 28 week appointment in March. Until then, here are some pictures from the 20 week appointment! :)



Rachael said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you!!!

christina ina said...

Welcome back! I hope your share the differences between having a baby boy and then a baby girl... I'm curious if I ever become so lucky to have one of each!