Saturday, February 22, 2014

A big boy bed and nursery nook

A few weeks ago we decided to get Luke a real big boy bed and move the crib (he was using it as a toddler bed) into our nursery nook for the baby.

So far, we just have the twin mattress on the ground with no headboard or frame, so it's easier for Luke to get in and out of. He loves it! Now if I could only get him to sleep through the night in it.... ;)

Seriously though.

Anyway, the crib fits perfectly in our little nursery nook, along with the changing table. I also have a small bookcase in there as well, but I haven't decided yet if I am going to clear off the book shelf and leave it in there for extra storage, or just take it out and put it somewhere else. I am not sure where I would put it if I move it out of the nook.

We are limited on space in our cozy little home! We have three bedrooms (including the master), plus the nook. We are in the master, Luke is in one room and the third room is Tommy's office. Tommy works solely from home (his company is based out of Missouri), so he really needs his own office and space that he can work in, and be able to shut the door to keep the crazy/loud toddler (and soon to be baby) out!

So that leaves the nook for the baby's space. Honestly, it is the perfect space for a little nursery.
The only slight problem is that there is no door, but that can be fixed with a curtain and baby gate to keep the toddler out. Hopefully not having a real door will just help baby girl to become a really great sleeper and not wake up at every little noise. I'll let you know how that goes when she's actually here. ;)

My awesome mother-in-law has graciously offered to make (and PAY for!!) a quilt, curtains and ruffle crib skirt for the nursery! She is an excellent quilter and pro-sewer (seamstress? I don't know what the correct term is.. obviously I am not one). I am so excited! We just picked out all of the fabric for it today at THE cutest fabric store. I highly recommend Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell, WA. Cutest stuff, best selection, super sweet employees. 

I decided on an aqua, coral/pink and grey color scheme (thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest!). I am in love! I can't wait to see it all together.

I wish I would have taken a better picture with the fabrics all laid out next to each other... it looks so cute! The main fabrics are the three on the right (the other three are accenting fabrics that will be used to break up the quilt a little).

I've been a busy bee drawing up some plans for decorating the walls in the nursery nook as well. Just look at those professional drawings.

I will be making a trip to Hobby Lobby soon to get a few things, and then I will hopefully get started on putting everything together. I want to get all of my "to do's before baby comes" DONE so I can just relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and my family while it's still just the three of us.

I will be sure to post pictures and details of the final results
once I get all finished!



Rachael said...

That nook is perfect! I can't wait to see it. What are you naming her?

jack!e @ The Wife Life said...

@Rachael, thank you! We haven't decided on a name yet, but one I really like starts with an E! Tommy likes a different name though.