Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our summer

As summer draws to an end, I want to reflect on our little life here.

We moved into our new house that we will be renting for a year or so (our lease is for a year and we plan on buying when it's over).

My mom came to visit and help get us settled in.

On August 2nd, my little brother, Josh, got married to the most amazing girl! (and Luke and Tommy missed the whole thing because someone was having a hard day and had to be driven around in the car while having a meltdown, by daddy... that's a story for another day).  But it was a beautiful wedding and I am so glad to have her as my sister-in-law. I loved all of their pictures!

^At the rehearsal dinner....My brother (Josh), sister (Shannon), my nephew Warner (my sister's youngest son) and I (and Luke and Ellie of course) with our two aunts (on my dad's side) who were able to come up for the wedding! It was Ellie's first time meeting them and we were so glad they got to be there. Wish I could see them more often!

 Seriously, aren't these pictures awesome? The photographer was great... if you live in the Seattle area I highly recommend Ivan Postivka Photography. 

My mom visited again and brought her husband Danny this time.

We celebrated our 7 year anniversary in August!
And of course didn't take any pictures because I married a man who absolutely hates getting his picture taken (hey, part of marriage is loving your spouse as they are, right?). We were also all sick on our anniversary. After making breakfast, I was pooped and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out, being all sick and sniffly together. I did get some pretty anniversary flowers though.
And of course, here is the breakfast I made. Bacon pancakes. Yes, they are as amazing as they sound.
^And that, folks, is how you make breakfast.

Luckily before we got sick, we went on a date a few days before, since my mom was here to babysit. We got to go out to dinner, go to a furniture store to pick out an entertainment center for the living room and go to a mattress store to pick out a new mattress! I think we had more fun trying out beds and feeling like kids in a candy store, than we did at dinner! ;) We had the same cheap, creaky mattress since we were first married (OK that's a lie, we actually slept on a twin bed together for the first few weeks of our marriage... true story). I seriously thought the kids would wake up any time one of us would move in the bed, it was so loud! We are so excited to have a nice, new, fancy, non-creaky mattress now!

Tommy's mom and her boyfriend Ernie visited. Ernie brought his sweet dog, Bella, who Luke LOVES.

And our children grew... and grew and grew (stop getting older already, will ya!).

We really had a good summer and I'm not sure I'm ready for Fall to start yet. Every day I get to spend with my family is exciting as we change and grow. But everyone day that passes is also bittersweet knowing that my children get older with each new day and will never be this small again.

Man, I guess people weren't lying when they told me that it goes by fast.