Saturday, July 18, 2015

12 month update- ONE YEAR OLD!

I cannot believe I now have a ONE-year-old. (*starts sobbing in corner*) But seriously, Ellie turned one on June 13th (so technically I have a 13-month-old now)!!

My big 1-year-old an her last monthly picture!

Since it was on a Saturday, we decided to have her birthday party on her actual birthday, and my mom was kind enough to let us throw it at her house. We ended up getting a bouncy house for the kids which was so much fun. Ellie LOVED it. The girl loves to bounce!

I planned a fun floral themed party, but since my mom lives over and hour away from us, I had a hard time getting there early enough to set all the stuff up that I had planned. But I decided to just not worry about it, and we all had a great time. Plus, I accidentally deleted most of the pictures from the party and about a million pictures I had taken of Ellie the day before for her "1-year shoot". :( But I was able to save a few of them, thankfully.

Ellie is just a miniature ball of energy and fun, constantly demanding attention (either through screaming and crying, or by doing hilarious or adorable things to make everyone laugh, haha). She is always on the go and getting into everything (she is obsessed with trying to get into the toilet and the trash!! Ahh). She is so much fun and turning out to be a lot like her older brother after all- feisty and spirited. She is so sweet and nurturing, always trying to help me do things and take care of people. She is a great listener and follows directions much better than Luke. haha :) She has the softest, wisps of super blonde hair (what little of it she has), and my favorite thing ever is smelling and kissing the top of her head, taking in her sweet baby scent. She is so dainty and feminine and seriously smells like strawberries and cotton candy. Here is a little bit more about my little monkey at 1 year:

  • Weight: 16lbs 15oz (2nd percentile, told ya she was mini!)
  • Height: 27 & 3/4 inches (10th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 43cm (7-8th percentile)
  • Still fits into most of her 3 month clothing (mostly tops, not the pants), but can also fit into things all the way up to 12 months, it just depends on the brand and style I guess! 
  • She is the tiniest thing ever. But she is nimble and quick and WALKING everywhere. I call her my little monkey because she can climb on and into anything, she sounds like a little monkey when she tries to talk, and, let's be honest, she kind of looks like a cute little monkey, too... pointy ears, big eyes, round face. It's hilarious. 
  • She is super loud and vocal. ;)
  • She is sleeping great. Goes to bed easily, and even lets other people put her to bed. I can't tell you how nice that is for me. She usually sleeps through the night until 8ish, but sometimes will wake up earlier. If she wakes up before 6 I can usually put her back to sleep for another hour. Sometimes she takes two naps a day, but usually just one. Which I really like. I love the one long nap a day instead of two short ones. 
  • She has ONE tooth! Finally! And working on 5 more right now. :)
  • In addition to mama, dada, and dog... she can say hi, bye bye, uh oh, no, and I think she tries to say yeah, and that (when she is pointing to something).
  • She LOVES doggies!
  • She loves swings.
  • She climbed out of her crib during one of her naps and starting knocking on the door one day. It was so cute and I have no idea how she (thankfully) didn't get hurt. We had no clue she had gotten out until she started knocking on the door! Needless to say, we had to lower her crib all the way down. Told ya she was a little monkey! 
  • Her favorite foods are fruit (strawberries and blueberries especially), cheese, and any kind of carb or cookie. ;) haha I also just discovered that she likes lettuce!!
  • She loves water! She has to have her sippy cup of water for every meal and usually wants it throughout the day, too. 
  • On the other hand, she hates cow's milk. I've been trying to wean her from nursing, but she is not having it. She still wants to nurse and doesn't really like milk. But she will take it every now and then, so I keep trying.

I could go on and on about this girl, but I will leave it at that for now. We are so happy Ellie girl joined our family over a year ago and couldn't love her anymore!

Friday, May 15, 2015

11 months!

Ellie turned 11 months old on Wednesday! I am a little late posting because we have all been taking our turn with a horrible stomach flu. Yuck! But look at this little sweetheart, will ya?? Can't even tell she had spent the whole night before throwing up. Luckily these kinds of things go through you pretty quickly. We are all tired and recovering today. 
All about Ellie at 11 months:
  • Weighs about 15.6 pounds (according to our scale at home. She was 16 pounds at the doctor's a little over a month ago, just a peanut.)
  • Still wears size 2 diapers, but can fit into size 3... they are just a little roomy. :)
  • Can wear clothing anywhere from size 3 months to 12 months Mostly in 6-9 month.
  • Now says "baba", "uh oh" and a slew of other sounds I'm sure she has no idea what they mean, in addition to "mama" and "dada". I swear she was trying to say "Ball" the other day, too, when we were playing with a ball.
  • Is starting to be able to communicate more... like holding up a food pouch to me when she wants to eat it, etc. 
  • Can use a straw and a sippy cup, but a bottle makes less mess. :)
  • Gives real kisses and hugs and is super cuddly, which I LOVE!

  • Is such a little mommy and is always trying to help get Luke dressed, wash him off in the bath tub and always tries to feed other people. I love her nurturing heart. 
  • Thanks it's hilarious when people make weird noises or fall down (or pretend to fall down).
  • Loves playing copycat still. 
  • Loves jumping, bouncing, being thrown in the air, and being upside down. Silly girl!
  • She is a little gymnast and can get herself into and onto pretty much anything! It's hilarious and also a little terrifying. *stressed out mama* It's taking years off of my life, I tell ya.
  • Walks all along the furniture and when we are holding her hands. Can stand up all on her own like a pro.
  • She is super active, but calms down pretty easy when it's nap time or bed time.
  • Speaking of which, she wakes up once a night (sometimes not at all, and every now and then she might wake up more), but goes to bed so easily and can be put to bed and down for naps by other people! That is so nice for me to be able to get a break or know that I can more easily leave her with babysitters. 
  • Loves taking stuff out and putting stuff back in (like taking clothes out of a basket and then back in), and pushing stuff forward and backward... loves it! 
  • She loves playing with clothes and just throwing them up in the air. 
  • She always loves throwing balls and playing catch, too.
  • Loves getting into her brother's toys and doesn't really care for "baby" toys.
  • Loves doggies!
  • Likes to swing her head back into stuff (like my chest when I'm holding her, her highchair when she is sitting in it).
  • She is totally a social butterfly and loves attention.
  • Is not afraid to get loud and tell you when you are not giving her enough attention. ;)
  • Still has one pupil larger than the other, so her pediatrician gave me a referral for an ophthalmologist, though she didn't seem to worried about it. 
  • Still NO teeth! haha
  • Has some wispy hairs on the back of her head but only peach fuzz on the top. :)
  • Has ONE (seriously just one) long hair on the top of her head like Alfalfa. It's so cute.
  • She can still pretty much eat anything, as long as its not super hard. She likes cheese, strawberries, bread, noodles and yogurt the most. 
  • As usual, here is your monthly photo drop of Ellie! Love her so stinking much!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and a third birthday!

I love Mother's Day! Especially since becoming a mama myself, I appreciate my mom (and all moms) so much more than ever before. 

I love this quote. It is exactly how I feel about motherhood and why this day is so special to me.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I felt the spirit so strongly at church on Mother's Day, testifying to me (as I tried to wrangle my rambunctious kids in the pews) that I was truly doing the Lord's work and every exhausting day was worth it. I love my kids so much. My hands are full, to be sure, but my heart is filled to the brim!

I never expect or ask for presents on holidays like this, but I feel like I totally got spoiled and made out like a bandit this year. 

When I was in Seattle with the kids, my MIL treated me to an HOUR LONG massage at a spa and watched the kids for me. The massage was great, but the alone time was even more amazing. Thank you, mom!

My mom got my sister and I gift cards to Hobby Lobby... I was seriously too excited about it, because HOBBY LOBBY. Need I say more?

Luke (AKA Tommy) got me flowers and a card and Tommy got me flowers and a card, as well. the best part was hearing Luke say "Happy Muvvers (Mother's) Day!" and "these are lovely flowers, mommy!" :) He is such a stinker sometimes, but boy can he sure be a sweetheart, too!!

Tommy treated me to a new lens for my camera that I've been wanting also, so naturally I had to test it out when we all went to my mom's on Mother's Day. It's a prime lens and so I'm getting used to it since I was using a zoom lens before. I'm also trying to get used to knowing what settings to use in the spur of the moment when I'm with my crazy family trying to get a picture.

We also got to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday, too (it was the day before)! He is the most darling, sweetest little boy ever and I'm so glad Luke gets to have him as a cousin. He is much gentler than Luke, but he takes all of Luke's roughness in stride and is always quick to forgive and forget. We love him so much!! Isn't he precious?

Floral Baby Girl Shower

One of my BFFs since JUNIOR HIGH is pregnant with her first child- a beautiful baby girl! I'm so excited for her and I pretty much tear up every time I think about her becoming a mama. So happy for you, Heather!

I had so much fun helping plan and throw a baby shower for her a few weeks ago. The kids and I got to go back to the Seattle area and hangout with my family that lives there and then I got to do the baby shower sans kids on the Saturday we were there.

The beautiful mama-to-be and her hubby:

We decided to do sort of a floral theme, based off of the cute invites we got from a shop on Etsy.

I bought a bunch of fresh flowers from Pike Place Market and Heather's mama brought a bunch of beautiful flowers, too.

One of Heather's friends made this beautiful cake.

I painted mason jars for some of the flowers.

Our friend's mom, who hosted the shower at her house, painted these mason jars for all of the drinks.

^I love this yellow pitcher/vase my mother-in-law let me borrow for the shower, you can just barely see it in the picture above.

I found pre-cut banner paper and added the floral wreath lettering (which can be found for free all over Pinterest!) to it.

My favorite part of the decorations was this photo booth I made from PVC pipes. I had a hard time getting the lighting right for the pictures because of the location (either too-dark light, or really harsh sunlight), but we still had so much fun posing with the props.

^The nana-to-be and the mama-to-be! :)

We asked people to bring a book instead of a card to start a library collection for the baby. 

I LOVE these baby pictures of mommy and daddy that Heather's mom brought! They are so cute! :)

We played the yarn game and did a fun questionnaire game all about the mama-to-be!

And then, of course, we all gushed over the adorable baby gifts. :)

^I was dying over this card! ;)

 I loved being able to celebrate and spoil Heather and her baby girl. I can't wait to meet this little sweetheart! 

Mason Jar tutorial
PCV Pipe Photobooth tutorial
Photobooth props printable
Floral Wreath Banner printable