Friday, August 15, 2014

2 Months

Ellie Jane is 2 months old now! Even though I know she's growing and has gotten bigger since she was born, I still feel like she is so small. Whenever we are out and about, people will come to gawk at all the adorable-ness that is Ellie (obviously) and are always surprised when I say that she is 2 months old. I think they expect me to say something more like 3-4 weeks. She is petite and tiny, that's for sure. 
But she is getting some more fat on her and slowing moving out of her newborn clothing. She is an excellent eater as well! :) 

We are so happy to have Ellie as part of our family. I know I say this all the time, but she is just SO sweet! Having a second child is a whole different experience than with the first. Things are so much easier. And of course it helps that Ellie is so easy-going and is an A-MAZ-ING sleeper (at least compared to her big brother). 

I am truly enjoying every day with her- her soft skin, sweet baby scent, the way she looks at me and tells me how much she loves me with her eyes, her tiny hands that grasp my finger, and her fuzzy head after a warm bath. I feel so blessed that she has such a good disposition. Don't get me wrong. She is still an BABY. She cries, she poops, she wakes up in the middle of the night. But overall she is an easy baby. It allows me the time and patience to be a good mom to our toddler, too (and made our move a lot easier!). Luke is so much fun, but he is at a hard age right now and demands a lot of attention. Ellie is just what we needed. I have no doubt, though, that some of Luke's feistiness will rub off on her as she gets older. :) 

As we are settling down into our new home and city and I'm getting the hang of having two kids, Luke is starting to adjust better to all the new changes and we have had significantly less meltdowns in our house. Thank goodness for that! We really love living here and I will write more about it in another post. 

Here is a little about Ellie at 2 months old:

-Sleeps anywhere from a 5 to 7 hour stretch at night and goes back to sleep after nursing (usually goes to bed around 9PM or 10PM and wakes up around 3:30AM to 5:30AM to feed). She even slept 8 hours one night!
-Smiles all the time now, especially when she first wakes up and I come to pick her up. 
-Naps for a long stretch in the morning.
-Eyelashes are getting longer and darker... maybe they will end up as long and luscious as her brother's!
-Hair is growing back on the top where she lost it all. ;)
-Is starting to get a little fussy in the evenings before conking out for the night- usually around the time we are trying to put Luke to bed.
-Finally fits into some of her 3 months size clothing. Still wearing some newborn stuff, too.
-Not sure of her height/weight and percentiles yet, until we have her 2/3 month doctor's appointment. 
-Makes the cutest noises.
-Starting to grasp/grab things. I see a haircut in my near future. 
-Usually falls asleep really easily and without a lot of assistance (with the exception of some fussiness in the evenings around 8PM).
-Has a "stork bite" (small, reddish birth mark) on the nape of her neck, just like her brother and daddy.
-Loves looking out the window, at the TV or at people's faces.
-Still hasn't lost the dark, fuzzy hair on her ears that she was born with. Hopefully that goes away before she's a teenager. ;)
-Was an angel at my brother's wedding on the 2nd and basically slept through the whole thing in my Aunt's arms. 

I am trying to savor every moment with my kids, but I can't wait to see how Ellie (and Luke!) changes and grows in the next month. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

April/May Things

***I meant to publish this post back in May before I had the baby, but I guess I forgot! So here are some things from April and May this year. :)

We've been busy these last couple of months and I've got lots of pictures to prove it. :)

My mom and I took Luke to the Cougar Mountain Zoo one sunny day in April. It's a small zoo and I didn't think it was worth the money at first... but Luke had an absolute blast there! He got to feed the alpacas (he called them "alpicks") apples and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. I secretly loved feeding them too... haha the alpacas are just so funny and friendly. Since it is a small zoo, it wasn't too crowded and it was easy to keep track of Luke when we let the little beast out of his stroller. ;) At the end of the day, I think it was money well spent. Luke conked out in the car before we even left the parking lot.

Easter ended up being such a nice day. I really love Easter. I think it might be my favorite holiday. I love taking special time to celebrate the Savior, without all the presents and hype you get at Christmas. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that he conquered death and rose from the grave. 
Luke loved his little Easter basket and we have gotten hours of fun out of this little bubble blower that you blow into like a whistle. 

My whole family (minus my almost-sister-in-law and my niece, who were both out of the country!) got together at my dad's house, including Tommy's mom. The little boys had so much fun doing an Easter egg hunt... Luke did so well for his first one! :) He did have lots of help from all the adults, but he thought it was so fun.

^My little bro, big sis and me.

My nephew Lincoln poking the baby belly. haha

Easter Egg hunting!

All the grandboys posing for a picture! They are so cute! I wonder what it will be like when we add a little girl in with all those boys? 
Luke keeping me entertained, as usual. :) Never a dull moment.

It got really hot one week and I decided to go tanning in the backyard. I was so happy that I could fit into my bathing suit still and had to document it. I could barely breath... but, hey, at least I got it on!

And Luke wore this muscle tee to keep cool... and of course, had to show off his big muscles!

Luke also got a haircut by my friend, Jen. Adorable, right?
On May 10th, my dad graduated from college! We are so proud of my dad for going back to school and finishing up his degree! He is such a good example to all of us! We all got to go to his graduation ceremony. It was really long for all of the little boys, but I'm glad we all got to be there to support him and his accomplishment. 

The next day, Sunday the 11th was, of course, Mother's Day. I got to speak in church and was so happy that my mom and dad both came to see and support me! It meant so much to me that they came! 
Afterwards, we got to celebrate my nephew Warner's 2nd birthday. My sister made a homemade pinata, which the boys loved! 

I found this picture of Luke on my computer from when he was 9 months old or so and I thought it was so hilarious I had to share. :)

Park day with BFF's!

My good friend, Jen, and I (due a few weeks apart) had a joint baby shower and it was so fun. We felt so loved and received so many cute and thoughtful gifts! Thank you everyone!
Repping my husband's new work! &yet

Baby and belly.