Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Girl Update & 30 Week Pregnancy Questionnaire

I finally had my ultrasound and consultation appointment at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic today. 
It could not have gone any better! As far as they can tell, baby girl looks perfectly healthy... and adorable, too! I was able to get some awesome ultrasound pictures and they even did some 3D ones for me. It was so cool. The ultrasound technician even showed me where you could see some hair on her head! Hopefully she won't be bald forever like her brother. :)

Seriously... look at those luscious lips, will you?! And I can't wait to kiss those chubby little cheeks in a couple months!! She had her hands up by her face almost the whole time... so that is her arms and hands up by her eyes, if you can't tell.
Also, she is not mushy like it looks... it just looks that way because of all of the fluid surrounding her and because she kept moving around a lot.

30 Week Pregnancy Questionniare

How far along: 30 weeks and 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 17 pounds. Yup, that is 17 pounds of pure baby.... aaaand fluid, placenta, fat, etc... ;)

Maternity clothes: I finally bought a maternity shirt (the one I'm wearing in the picture, actually)! And I bought a pair of maternity skinny jeans and some yoga pants. Still mostly wearing my non-maternity tops, but they don't really fit right. I don't want to buy maternity clothes!

Stretch marks: I think I am getting 1!! I have one from Luke... and it kind of looks like I am getting a new one in the same area.. almost a continuation of my other one. So sad. :(

Sleep: Almost every night I wake up around 2:30AM and it takes me a few hours to fall back asleep. 

Best moment last week: I helped throw a baby shower for a good friend of mine who is due this month! Can't wait for our kids to be buddies! 

Movement: She moves so much! And it hurts! Haha she always kicks in the same spot on one side of my stomach. 

Food cravings: My sweet tooth is out of control. I just want ice cream! And anything sweet! And also BACON. I could eat it every single day. 

Gender: Checked again today... still a GIRL. ;)

Baby Stats: She was 2.08 pounds a few weeks ago, so somewhere between 2-3 pounds. I forgot to ask what she was measuring at today at the ultrasound. Most babies around this week measure roughly 15 inches long. 

  • TAILBONE is still so sore!
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn't really have any with Luke until the very end. I didn't even realize that is what they were, but now I know. I get them all the time with baby girl. 
  • Sore back from the Braxton Hicks and just being pregnant in general.

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button - in or out? Still not quite all the way out!

What I miss: I just want to have my body back to myself... well, as much as you can when you are nursing. Is your body ever your own again after having kids, anyway?! haha I always have a baby kicking me in the stomach or a toddler crawling all over me. :)

What I am looking forward to: Easter! My whole family is getting today at my dad's house (Tommy's mom is coming too.. and my sister and her family from Ellensburg)... I really love Easter, probably one of my favorite holidays! And Luke is going to be in heaven playing with his cousins. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baby Girl Update

I've mentioned before that I have a venous lake (also called a placental lake), so I have to get some extra ultrasounds to monitor the baby's growth/weight and make sure everything is going as it should. The main concern with having a venous lake is fetal growth restriction. 

I had my regular 28 week appointment on Wednesday, which included the glucose test (I don't understand why everyone hates this so much...) and getting a shot on my behind (ouch!) since I am Rh negative, along with the ultrasound. 

It was so cool to be able to see my little girl again on the u/s screen. She was moving like crazy since I had just finished drinking the glucose drink and must have been on a sugar high from it. 

The u/s showed that she was a little on the small side (2.08 pounds), but still in the "normal" range for her gestational age. I am trying to eat extra calories and protein to give her the best chance at gaining weight.

^Luke looking at the newest pictures of his little sis. 

My OB was ok with her growth, but it looks like I will still have to go see a doctor at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic, because of some concerns with her head. The u/s showed that her head was shaped more oblong (front to back), as opposed to being round. I am not sure what this means or what risks it poses, but it doesn't seem good to me if I have to go to a special maternal fetal doctor.

My OB told me not to worry about it too much, but... of course I'm going to!

It's probably nothing. She still has lots of time to grow and develop, and I feel like I have amazing doctors surrounding me.

But... what if it's NOT nothing?
What if it IS something? 

I started googling stuff about it yesterday (dumb idea) and I had to stop myself because it just made it worse. I think I will feel better once I have my appointment with the maternal fetal doctor and get some more answers. I know that Heavenly Father will take care of my daughter and my family, but I just feel anxious for the unknown. No parent wants anything to be wrong with their child, no matter how large or how small. We think she will be fine, but it is still stressful knowing that everything is not necessarily "normal". I never really had any sort of special circumstances when I was pregnant with Luke, other than not gaining weight myself at the beginning. Plus, I am a worry-wort by nature! 

I will post an update once I have my appointment and know more. I don't know the date of the appointment yet. They were completely booked for next week, so they have to call some other patients on Monday and ask them to move their appointment to another week so that they can fit me in next week. All I know is that I will definitely have an appointment one day next week. 

Before I became pregnant, I prayed and prayed to Heavenly Father to know when was the right time for us to have another child. I know I was supposed to get pregnant exactly when I did. I KNOW that this little girl is supposed to be a part of our family and that she is anxious to meet us soon. And I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and He will help guide us through any obstacles we might face, big or small, and I'm trusting in Him. 

Maybe this is nothing to worry about. Or maybe it's something. Either way, it's giving me a little anxiety and prayers for peace and health, just in case, are greatly appreciated! :)


Friday, March 28, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Luke had his first swimming lesson at Kinder Swimmer yesterday. 

I went in fully prepared for the meltdown of a lifetime (I think I've mentioned how strong-willed and "spirited" he is)... I can't even begin to describe the horrible fit he threw just a few days ago about taking a bath. You would have thought I was about to throw him in the ocean and leave him for the sharks the way he was freaking out!

But he totally surprised me! He did so well! He wasn't too eager to get in the water but I handed him to the instructor and he went in with barely a cry. He stayed in the whole time (about 30 minutes) and would only whine every now and then "I want mommy". His instructor was awesome. She has a two-year-old daughter, and knew just how to talk to and handle a toddler. 

The swim classes are already very small, but no one else ended up signing up for the same time slot as us so he was the only one in his class! It was so great for him. He will be going twice a week (Tues/Thurs) for a month and then we will see if I continue with them or not. I will probably have to wait a little while and start up again after the baby is born. Here he is after his lesson. I will have to remember to take a picture of him in the water next time. 

I seriously can't wait for his next lesson on Tuesday to see how he does going back! It's so cute seeing him in the water and I know it's a valuable (and even life-saving) skill for him to learn. 

We are going to practice what he learned in the bathtub tonight.. hopefully with no tantrums! ;)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ruffle Minky Blanket Tutorial

The last few days of my life have been consumed with making this ruffle edged minky blanket for baby girl. Mostly I just wanted to finish it so I could get the darn sewing machine out of my dining room and move on with my life (I don't have a craft nook anymore since we are turning it into the NURSERY nook). :)

There are about a million mistakes (don't look too closely), but I am so proud of myself and love how it turned out!

I have been sewing for a few years now, but I am by no means experienced at sewing! When it comes to sewing I've learned that patience is a virtue, slow and steady wins the race, haste makes waste, and whatever other clever sayings you want to throw in there. The problem is that patience is a virtue hard to come by and I'm still working on that one. ;) haha 

The ruffles turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. But can I just say how much I hate working with minky?? 

I used this tutorial as a guide. This is also another good tutorial, but I didn't find it until I was almost done with the blanket. 

Here is how I made mine...

Ruffle Minky Blanket Tutorial

1 piece of cotton fabric, cut to 32" by 40"
1 piece of minky fabric, cut to 32" by 40"
7 strips of coordinating cotton fabric (for the ruffles), cut to 5" by 44" each
GOOD matching thread. If you use cheap thread it breaks easily and I promise you will regret it!

*I just got a yard of each of the fabrics and that turned out to be the perfect amount.
*The two cotton fabrics I used are Michael Miller "It's a Girl Thing Pastel Pop", in "Aretha Orchid" and "Libby Orchid". I love Michael Miller fabrics! I ordered them from fabric.com, which I highly recommend. Hobby Lobby actually had a surprisingly good selection of fabric, as well, which is where I ended up getting the minky from. 

1. Start off by sewing the 7 strips together, end to end, to make it one long strip of connected fabric. 
*Do this by putting two strips right sides together, and sewing straight down, using a 1/4 seam allowance. Then continue on connecting each piece of fabric together like this, until they are all connected.

One long strip!

2. Finish the edges with either pinking shears, a serger or a zig zag stitch.
*I used pinking shears.

 3. Fold the long strip in half, long ways, wrong sides together, and press with your iron. The rights sides should be showing on both sides and look like this:
 4. Next, you are going to take this long strip and turn it into beautiful ruffles! :)
*If you have a ruffle foot on your sewing machine, you would use this now. I didn't have one, so I did it as follows.

5. Set your stitch length to the longest length your machine will allow you to do. Sew all the way along the raw edges of your strip, using a 1/4 seam allowance. Do not backstitch. Stop when you get to the end of the first strip, where the first and second strip meet. 

6. Take one of the threads that are hanging off at the beginning of the strip and gently pull the fabric down the thread so that it starts to ruffle. Once you have made the first strip into a pretty little ruffle, move onto the next trip by cutting your thread and starting a new line of stitches, and do the same thing as before to achieve your ruffle. Do this to each section/strip. The ruffles can be a little time-consuming, and you will probably have a sore hand afterwards. :) 

*The reason I did it this way, was because the fabric would not move over the thread to make a ruffle where I had sewn each piece together, so I had to start a new stitch at the beginning of each strip. I hope that makes sense. These pictures should help. You will figure it out. If I did, then you definitely can, too! Once you get the hang of it, it's really pretty easy.

 ^See where I stopped my stitch right at the seam of the two strips, then started a new stitch right after the seam? It's easier to make the ruffle with each section separately. 
7. Now that you are done with your ruffle edge, place your minky and cotton fabric on top of one another, right sides together, and line them up PERFECTLY! 

8. Take your ruffle strip and place it in between the two squares of fabric all around the blanket. It should be like a fabric sandwich. Cut off extra ruffle if you have any. You will want to stitch the two ends of the ruffles together. 
*You can do this by hand, using a ladder stitch (if you want to hide the stitch), or you can do it the lazy way like I did and just use your machine to stitch it shut. The stitch will show and it won't look as good, but it's not very noticeable. I'm sure there is a better way to do it, but neither of the tutorials that I was using explained how to do it, so that's just what I did. Do whatever you think will be best! :)
^Fabric sandwich

9. Next you will pin, pin and pin some more. Pin around the entire blanket, making sure everything matches up perfectly. Mine was not lined up perfectly, and it made it harder to sew.

*This was the hardest part of the whole blanket. It took me forever, and I still couldn't get it lined up perfect. Minky is super stretchy and soft, and it was hard to get it lined up perfectly. The most important thing to remember when doing this, is to use A LOT of pins! Put each pin about an inch, or even less, apart from each other. 

10.  Using a zig zag stitch, sew all the way around the edge of the blanket, leaving a small opening about 3-4 inches long so that you can turn your blanket right side out.

11. Once you have your blanket right side out, check to make sure everything looks good. Then change your stitch setting back to a normal straight stitch (we are done with the zigzag stitch now), and sew all the way around the edge of the blanket, closing up the small hole. 
*I stitched as close to the edge as possible, probably less than a 1/4 seam allowance, but you can do it however you want.

12. Once you've finished sewing around the entire blanket, you are DONE! 

 Isn't it pretty? I probably won't get to use it until the fall when the weather is cooler and she will be a few months old already, but I can't wait to wrap my sweet baby girl in this blanket. :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Couscous Salad with Balsamic Dressing

As promised, here is the recipe for the cold couscous salad I have been craving (and eating!) like crazy lately! My mother-in-law made it for us when we celebrated my husband's birthday this year... and I fell in love with it.  Also, it couldn't possibly be any easier to make. Win-win. I like to make the full recipe and then just put it in a big tupperware in the fridge to eat throughout the week for lunch.

Couscous Salad:

1 box couscous (I like the Organic whole wheat, I think it tastes better)
1-2 red bell peppers, diced
1 bunch green onions, diced
1 cup chopped parsley
1 container Feta cheese (as much or as little as you want, probably about 1 cup or 2)
Olive oil blended with good balsamic vinegar, to taste (about 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar... I like to add more in mine)
^The cast of characters

1. Make the couscous according to the directions on the box. You could make the whole box like I do, or just make half of it and use less of the veggies. Let cool.

2. Mix in all of the veggies. You can add as much or as little of them as you want. I like to load mine up with lots of peppers and onions. You can even add cucumbers, tomatoes or different colored peppers, whatever you think would be good. 

4. Blend the olive oil and vinegar together and then mix thoroughly into the salad. Add more to taste, if desired.

5. Stir in feta cheese.

6. Enjoy!

I hope you like it as much as I do! My husband thinks it's disgusting, which is totally fine with me because then I get it all to myself. :)


Monday, March 17, 2014

27 weeks pregnancy questions

Pregnancy Questionnaire: 27 weeks

*I asked Tommy to take a picture of me real quick, since I felt so dumb trying to take my own picture in the mirror. I told him to wait until I was ready to take a picture, but he got a little trigger happy and took this one. It turned out to be kind of a sweet picture, looking down at my growing belly. 

*Do you know how awkward it is taking a picture of yourself? I felt like an idiot.
*Also, that teal scarf is in honor of St. Patrick's Day today... it's about the closet thing to green that I have! Don't pinch me!

How far along: 27 weeks exactly (almost 7 months.. 28 weeks is the beginning of the 7th month and the THIRD trimester!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 pounds (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, depending on what I've eaten that day)

Maternity clothes: I have a pair of maternity jeans I've been wearing, but otherwise still barely squeezing into my normal clothes. It's about time for some more maternity clothes, I just don't want to buy any! 

Stretch marks: None yet. I only got 1 with Luke, so I am hoping it will be the same this time. Don't be too jealous though, guys. I have plenty of stretch marks on my hips and thighs from growing too fast in junior high. ugh...Tall girl problems.

Sleep: I wake up A LOT to pee, and also due to the toddler who still doesn't sleep well at night. :) Sometimes I will wake up to pee and then I can't fall asleep because I will be thinking about the baby.. And then when I can't sleep I just do dumb stuff like get on Pinterest and look at dumb stuff I don't need, like mother and baby matching hospital outfits and baby rattles that look like dumb-bells. I mean, look at this, really. But isn't it hilarious? Doesn't my baby girl need this?? No?

Best moment last week: Waking up early Friday to the baby moving ALL over the place, a happy toddler in my bed, sun shining through my window and nowhere we HAD to be. It was divine, to say the least. ;)

Movement: All day, errrr day. I love it! She moves so much, but it feels different than it did with my son. Even before I knew she was a girl, she always felt more graceful when she moved... unlike Luke who would just kick and kick, haha. :)

Food cravings: Super sweet things or super acidic (tart/tangy) things... I wonder how many cavities I will have at the end of this pregnancy? haha.

  • Bread and Butter pickles. I have been going through about a jar a week... I'm not exaggerating... they are so good you guys!!
  • Big salad with red peppers (and whatever other veggies sound good at the moment) with homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing (lots...I am obsessed with balsamic vinegar right now!!)
  • Basically anything with vinegar in it... so weird. 
  • This delicious (cold) couscous salad with, you guessed it, oil and balsamic vinegar dressing! Maybe I will post a recipe next week... it's so easy to make and so good!
  • Ice cream, always ice cream. 
  • FRUIT... especially berries.
  • I am craving some good watermelon and I keep dreaming about the summer when I will no doubt be eating it every day!!

Gender: Girl!

Baby Stats: She is somewhere around 14 inches long and about 2 pounds now! Apparently she is the size of a head of cauliflower or a rutabaga (that's what my two pregnancy apps say anyway). haha 

  • Ever heard of varicose veins on your legs? I thought you might have. But what about vulvar varicosities?? It hurts, it's uncomfortable, it's embarrassing...Ugh....Just read this article and you will understand exactly how I feel every day when people ask my how my pregnancy is going. What am I supposed to say back to them?? It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. ... http://www.scarymommy.com/vulvar-varicosities/
    • I still can't believe I am posting this on here. Somehow it doesn't seem as hard to say it when it's not in person I guess. Except that now the whole world knows now, including my dad, who reads this blog. Oy. 
  • My TAILBONE/butt/back are killing me, and sometimes she will be in a weird position that will pinch a nerve weird and make my legs hurt and tingle, too. Mostly the tailbone though!!! 
  • Luckily I haven't had any problems with carpal tunnel yet... when I was pregnant with Luke I developed pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel and it took over a month for it to go away after I gave birth to him... imagine trying to take care of a newborn with a hand that was half numb all the time... it was weird! I can't remember when I started developing in with the last pregnancy, so hopefully I won't get it this time. 

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button - in or out? Half in, half out. I suspect it should pop out all the way any day now, my stomach is sooo stretched.

What I miss: Just having my body to myself. Going running... I started before I got pregnant and then was sick for 4 months and I am just too out of shape and too far along in the pregnancy right now to get back into it. I'm hoping to after the baby comes.. summer's a perfect time for it.

What I am looking forward to: Getting an ultrasound at my next appointment and being able to see baby girl.. :) I mentioned before that I have a venous lake (also called a placental lake) and so I just have to get ultrasounds periodically to check on the growth of the baby. My doctor is not concerned about the lake, but just doing the u/s as a precaution... which means I get to see my baby more! Prayers for a healthy baby are always appreciated, though! :)



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surgery Update!

Luke was able to have his hernia repair surgery as planned and it couldn't have gone any better.
 We were the first surgery of the day and had to get there at 6AM... so we left our house around 5AM... which means mom had to get up around 4AM! I am so glad that we were the first ones in, though, since Luke had to fast before the surgery. Can you imagine trying to explain to a hungry 2-year-old why he can't eat breakfast? 

The hardest part of everything was trying to get Luke's stats (weight, height, blood-pressure, etc.) when we first got there. He absolutely hated it!

Once we got that out of the way, we got him dressed in his hospital outfit... he looked so cute! :)

BUT The hardest part of it all was having to lay my little baby down on a child-sized operating table, while he was screaming and freaking out, and help hold him down while the anesthesiologist administered the sleeping gas. Luckily the gas worked very fast, but I will never forget the sheer terror in Luke's eyes as he looked up at me, tears streaming down his face, gas mask over his mouth. 

I absolutely hated having to leave my limp, unconscious toddler on an operating table, but obviously I wasn't allowed to stay in while they operated. I vividly remember turning around as I was walking away from him and just seeing his tiny body laying there; one sock had fallen of his little foot. 

I trusted in Heavenly Father and the surgeon to take care of my baby... and they did.

The surgery was quick and went great. He was not in much pain when he woke up and just wanted to go home. We got discharged very quickly once his vitals were normal. 

We only had to give him tylenol for a few days. The second day I didn't have to give him any until later in the evening when he started pointing to his stitches saying "body hurts". lol So sad and pathetic! 

We had our follow up appointment today. Just a quick check to make sure he was healing up fine. Everything looks good! :)

I know I am making a big deal out of a simple, routine surgery.... but Luke is my baby and I think every mother understands where I'm coming from. :)

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well-wishes for our little guy!