Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7 months

Ellie turned 7 months old last week! I really love this age... it is SO fun! I'm not going to lie, months 4-5 were a little rough with Ellie. I had a hard time with Luke at that age, too. But Ellie is back to her sweet self and I'm so happy!

This little girl just lights up a room, I tell ya! She has always been sweet, but she is starting to get such a funny little personality now. :) 


At 7 months Ellie:
  • Can CRAWL! It is so fun watching her explore the house and get around on her own now.
  • Just finally tipped the scale to 14 pounds, according to our scale at home. Her next doctor's appointment isn't until 9 months, so I'm not sure of her percentiles. I'm sure they are in the low range, which is normal for her. Luke weighed 19 pounds a 7 months! lol
  • Is getting really good at using her pincer grasp. 
  • Sits up on her own, but falls over a lot still and would rather be on the move than just sitting. 
  • Eats solids at dinner with us, but mostly still just nurses for food. At this age, eating solids is mostly for practice and exploration, than nutrition. I am going to up her solids this week though and start trying more chunky foods but...
  • ...still no teeth! :) Luke got his first two teeth at 7 months, so I'm sure Ellie will get some soon.
  • Loves trying to eat or drink whatever I have, and will take a bottle if it has breastmilk or water or pretty much anything EXCEPT formula! I've been trying to get her to drink formula for a while, just for if I need to leave her with Tommy or someone or emergencies, but she won't take it. I have a breastpump, but it takes me so long just to get the tiniest amount of milk out... so I have to plan way in advance if I need to leave a bottle of breastmilk for her, so I can pump a little bit each day. It's a nice medela pump, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  • Rarely spits up anymore.
  • Has lost her baby breath. :( :( But she still has that delicious baby/kid scent when I smell the top of her head and I love it so much!
  • Loves sticking her tongue in and out and giving kisses/sucking on people's faces. She loves sucking on anything really. :)
  • Loves playing copy cat. She'll grunt, then I'll grunt, and we go on and on like that. She thinks it's hilarious.
  • Is becoming so cuddly and it makes my heart so happy! 
  • Is not very ticklish, except for right under her armpit kind of by her ribs. 
  • Does really well in her carseat and in the car, usually.
  • Starting to sleep MUCH better! She has always been a great napper, but was having a rough time at night for some reason. She would fall asleep fine (yes, I put her down "Drowsy but awake"!) but would always wake up a bunch after that and all night long. Now she is going to sleep and staying asleep or settling herself back to sleep after a minute if she does wake up. Thank goodness!
  • Does this adorable squinty thing with her eyes and sticks her little tongue out at the same time. I have a picture posted of it above.
  • I don't know if I've ever mentioned that she has a "stork bite" birth mark at the nape of her neck, just like her daddy and brother do. She also has a little one right between her eyebrows, but you can't really see it anymore.
  • Is obsessed with my hair. She is always pulling it or trying to eat it and getting slobber in it. It makes me want to just shave my head off, but I love my hair right now and I really want to keep it long! I think I had already cut my hair short by this age with Luke. haha I just have to stay strong this time and not do it! But I am kind of digging the long bob style right now, too..... ;)


Luke is THREE!

My sweet baby boy has somehow turned into a big THREE-year-old! What!

Luke turned three on January 10th and had the best birthday ever.  My mom, sister and her boys all came over to celebrate. We loaded the kids up on pizza and cake and then took them to the arcade to play games. I think they all had a blast! I know Luke did. He is obsessed with his cousins!

He got a big Dusty airplane from Daddy that he had been asking for, The Seahawks won their game that night.... I mean, what more could you want on your birthday?

I am so grateful for this little boy that made me a mama. He has made me into the woman I am today. He has taught me patience and compassion; selflessness and strength. I am more driven, ambitious, curious, mindful, giving and closer to God than I have ever been.

I am who I am because of who HE is. And I love who he is so much!

A little bit about Luke at three years old and an interview I did with him!

  • He weighs about _ pounds. I will know his percentiles at his 3 year well-child check up next week. He is a pretty strong, sturdy little dude!
  • He has taken to calling Tommy and I by our first names. And not only that, he will call us Tom and Jax. Haha Maybe I should be mad, but it is just so cute hearing our names in his little toddler voice. He also still calls us mommy and daddy, too. But I will admit it's a little awkward when he calls me by my first name in public..... Yes, random stranger, I am his mother.
  • He says the most hilarious things! And he remembers little things that I never even thought he was paying attention to. Including the word "crap".  Lovely.
  • He loves pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, oranges and apples, avocados, chips and hummus.
  • He can count to 20 most of the time, and 10 all of the time. 
  • He knows his colors and shapes.
  • When he sings, it's the cutest thing ever. I really loves singing the ABC's lately.
  • Remembers EVERYTHING! Well, when he is actually listening, that is. Which I think we all know is a hard thing for a 3 year old to do. :)
  • He doing homeschool preschool with me and learning the whole alphabet and other subjects.
  • He is not potty trained... at all. We started a while ago but then he lost interest and didn't want to do it anymore. I backed off to give him some time and hopefully will start that back up in the next few weeks.
  • Rarely naps unless he wakes up early. It can be hard to get a second to myself during the day now, but no nap means Luke goes to bed super easily between 7-8PM. Woohoo!
  • He has mostly given up the pacifier but we still let him use it at night or if he does nap.
  • He is obsessed with any sort of vehicle. He still loves the movie Cars, but now also loves the movie Planes: Fire & Rescue. He also still loves Thomas & Friends/Thomas the Tank Engine. 
  • Loves his doggy, Rocky. Sometimes likes his little sister, too. We are working on that. 
  • Loves going to church and going to nursery to learn and play. I'm so glad that's not a battle for us. I love seeing how happy he is at church. 
  • Loves to wrestle, especially with Daddy.
  • Likes to help me in the kitchen and "cook". He also loves using his "tools" and trying to fix stuff. 
  • Is pretty good at riding his balance bike now and got a real bike for Christmas from Nana.
  • He is basically Tommy's little mini-me, in looks and personality. But I definitely see myself in him, too. 
  • He is still that little intense ball of energy he has always been; extremely perceptive, emotional, reactive, loving, persistent, strong, silly and so smart. He just amazes me every day!
  • Here is an interview I did with him for his 3rd birthday:
There ya have it, folks. :) I sure do love my silly boy!


Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve and Tommy's birthday

Tommy's birthday just happens to fall on New Year's Eve. We had a fun day celebrating this year. We don't usually do much for New Year's Eve, since it's Tommy's birthday and he just wants to relax. Also, I don't think I have stayed up until midnight since having kids. My sleep is just too precious to me now! :)

Luke thought it was so fun to decorate and blow up balloons for Daddy. He is all about parties and holidays these days! Our decorations are pretty fancy. 

Ellie loved the balloons, too! 

Up next will be Luke's birthday on January 10th, my mom's birthday on the 21st, and then my birthday on the 26th!

Luke is already getting pretty excited for his birthday! 

Before we get to anymore birthdays, I wanted to make some goals for the new year. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. Tommy and I both agree that if you want to make a goal or change something, that you don't have to wait until a new year to do it... just do it! It just so happens that I have recently made some goals for myself, and since the timing coincides with New Year's, I decided to actually make some resolutions this year and make a point to write them out and really try to do them. 

I made a lot of them, but tried to be realistic about them, too. Here they are. :)

***2015 GOALS***

  • Become closer to Jesus Christ:
    • Read scriptures every day.
    • Index once a week, for 30 minutes minimum (on Sundays)
    • Attend the temple more often- gain a stronger understanding and testimony of the temple.
    • Take family names to the temple to perform ordinances.
  • Wake up before the kids every morning (so I have time to get ready, read scriptures and be more organized before the kids are awake).
  • Set up self-hosted blog and start writing!
  • Organize and back up all pictures on my computer.
  • Continue using my DSLR and learning about photography.
  • Start homeschool preschool with Luke (starting next week!). 
  • Potty train Luke. :)
  • Continue learning to code:
    • Finish HTML & CSS course on CodeAcademy.com. 
    • Start Javascript course.
  • Workout 3 times a week, minimum. Just want to use my body more and have more energy.
  • Cut down on dairy and wheat. Eat more veggies. :)

I could probably add a few more items to that list, but I don't want to overwhelm myself. I'm not sure why I decided to wait until I had two small children to finally figure out some of my hobby and career goals, but here I am, trying to do it. Wish me luck!

Hope 2015 is a fantastic year for everyone! Cheers! :)